2013-12-26 00:31:28

Letter 469


I saw you here by chance, the only picture that I had of you, was that single picture which you ve send it for me like 13 years ago, actually ,I wasn’t surprise when I saw ,your face didn’t get change. do you remember at the same time, I told you that ,you foreigners, didn’t get change from 20s to 50s ,its like u guys just stay in you re 30s!I still insist !if only my picture makes you doubtful whether its me or not ,I wont surprise.
John, I saw,seriously you re not interested to make the graphic of the datas that send to you? they are the real life in our point of view but it’s a bunch of silly news in your idea! you know, whatever you think ,we re busy on something that not relevant to us ,but we work on it! u see ,I m gathered(adding) freaking my self with lots of people, I tried this us, turn to be me, but it got change worse, got more than us. its funny, dosnt it?
Do u know still all of that damn happens occurs for us? we still all together had to think about something, do u ever know what is the meaning of getting old all together , dont u know john? you really dont?by the way, was your mother still interested to come here? there are too many things here. both for see and not to see! tell her on behalf of me you don’t need to come ,or even if she wanted to come ,just try her best to see the sights(the worth seeing), about the unsightly, we could see it enough every day, the picture I send you, is girls school in down town(south) of this city and this kids are a part of our sighting, they were hiding their sadness behind of their smiles, this is the unsightly happens that we saw it every day and pass it very simple, what if the term poverty wasn’t familiar for them? please, about the way I write ,nagging or write desperately ,just count it of lack sleep of these days or my upset mood(heart of sadness).
In the end of this letter ,I was suppose to congratulation the new year and make a wish for u, but I prefer to gathering "my" action with you, yeah, with you John, lets wish together that no kid shivers in any place of this world ,never ever!


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