2013-12-24 07:51:44

Letter 271

Dear John
Yesterday I did find you in my surf Facebook. Once I saw your kind photos and writing, felt I already love you.
We can still walk and talk for hours together and laugh at everything .
You were like me. I enjoyed when we said our shared experience and how similar was our feelings and opinions.
Oh dear , I threw the first meeting .
When did you tell me that I had a good speech and you didn’t think Iranian girls can write an essay and talk English so well. you 've read a little about Iran in newspapers and never thought part of your life and memories would tied to an Iranian girl.
Just ten days I stay in Washington and it was enough to fall in love with you . Ten days for crossing distances , and let me know there is someone like me with Miles away.

I remember how much you spoke about me with your parents. And shown Iran on a map, to know Iran is a sovereign country of Iraq. We do not have to wear black clothes and wrap our face with black textiles, there is no war here and everything is peaceful. Politicians are the same all over the world, issue statement and atonement refunds innocent people.
After that your father talked to your uncle and wanted to convince him that sanctions are afew lines on paper for him, are suffering and destruction for people.
Oh, John, I liked your father when you said he saw the “Donya”’s picture, wept for her, hugged and kissed Susan.
I saw your photo in Susan's high school graduation, I’m glad “Negzavar” kept her alive. Donya and Susan being the same age.
Donya is buried and Susan is healthy and energetic and think about future, I’m sure she will be a excellent doctor.
The last time I saw you …..
16 months ago!
I thought you'd forgotten, I tried to clear all of signs of you in my life
I deleted all of our photos, photos of your Iran’s traveling, Shiraz picture you have taken, The one that you were looking surprise when eating Falodeh, that one taken in Isfahan, You were taken like Clowns

And we both laughed alot to them. I cleared all of them so that could’t recover them
But John
You were part of my life,Part of my past
I could never erase my mind
For me nothing did not change and
I still know your friendship, one of my purest experience in life
P.S 1 : I still play setar, it is all because of your reinforcements . My teacher is very pleased with my progress . I record number of my playing tracks . I sent CD 's for you
This is my Christmas gift to you
P.S 2 : The photo taken this year , the anniversary of our first meeting
P.S 3 : You believed from childhood, Jesuse hear the voice of everyone on Christmas Day
And to meet a wish of every person who calls him
I wish that distances would disappear….. those distances that exist not because of divided borders but because of divided hearts.

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