2013-12-22 13:01:47

Letter 68

You have no idea how many times I am rewriting this letter.
After the last time we met, writing to you is the hardest thing in the world.
I know I did not get a chance to say why I did not stay. Why I went back, maybe now is a good time.
You see now everything is better, but you remember four years ago … how did you expect me to enter a family in which the father thought we still rode camels in our home or the mother believed there are armed terrorists running around killing each other on the streets.
How could I marry a man who’s uncle was the person setting more and more sanctions on my country. Sanctions which if were not ,that freaking “Nexavar” would have reached sooner to my innocent cousin and she would be all better , going to school just like your sister ....
Do you have any idea if there had been a war it was your dear brother bombing my people, your national heroes would be the killers of our families
Our tale is the sad sad story of “differences”

I know it is Christmas time and that you are happy about the holidays and are planning to go to your beach house with your family, maybe go fishing with “Mr.Friends”

Sweet John
Let us pray for the ceasing of conflicts between two nations… so that the next time a “newspaper graphics designer’’ and a “Persian Student” fell in love , maybe then “parting ways” would not be the best choice .
P.S.: I finally kissed Chopin, now it is your turn to keep your word and upload your “baba karam” dance on YouTube

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