2013-12-22 23:05:48

Letter 101

Hello Jane
I guess I have already told you that I was born in 80’s. I don’t know if in US you also divide people by the decade they are born in. It’s like that in Iran. Since about 70 years ago we have categorized people by the decade they were born in and specifications have been assigned to the people born in each decade.
You see Jane, dividing and separating has become a part of us. Not only have we separated people we have separated generations too, anyways…
The 40’s, 50’s, 60’s …and so on; we divided our significant historic events between generations of each decade. For example white revolution in 60’s, Islamic revolution in 70’s, 8 years of war with Iraq in 80s’ and the electronic revolution from 90’s. Although everyone knows that each generation is an outcome of the previous one and will go on produce the next one. It’s just like a chain, but each generation is trying to exaggerate the benefit of its decade and brag about it while holding the preceding and following generations responsible for all of society’s shortcomings. Interestingly each generation is trying to introduce itself as the greatest ever … the one who sacrificed the most for others.
I do not know why anyone would want to be the generation that sacrificed the most. In my point of view each generation has made some sacrifices but the nature and magnitude of each generation’s sacrifice is different … not better or worst, just different. Although for the 2000’s generation circumstances changed a bit.
Our sacrifice did not hurt like the others. It did not leave a scar, not even a little red spot on the skin. It just made us feel fried inside, little by little. Your uncle [Sam] knows better. There was no war, no tanks, no guns. Fortunately you brother did not have to come all the way here to kill us either. We got the Sanctions. Neat and easy. It did not even cost a lot. All it needed were just a pen, some paper and a decision. Over all, it was not the best decade. Everyone felt the pressure in some way, not only those who were born in the decade. Everyone was brought into this troublesome decade in a different way. One went broke, one was murdered and another became a thief. My cousin was also gone in this decade.
By the way how is your sister doing? I saw her picture on your timeline and I had a good laugh. I am pretty sure she is waiting up for Santa now. Kiss your lovely parents for them and tell them I say hello. I have sent a Poem book by Hafez for your mother. I bet once she reads it she will come here next year for sure and my father will read more poems for her.
It has already become a long letter my dear American friend. Among Iranians, America is known as land of dreams and also the Land of devil, funny, isn’t it?
I wish we could erase all the borders in our hearts. These are often more set in stone than actual borders. Then we could make the whole world the land of dreams.
I have enclosed a picture of our New Year’s ceremony table setting (Haft Sin); it is much more beautiful than a Christmas tree ☺
Happy New Year
Your friend, Sepid

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