2013-12-23 03:34:34

Letter 114

Every abrupt thing begins with a coincidence…

I know that you are now shaken to your bones and you’re beginning to believe what your “dear” uncle says about Iranians and how they are crazy, stupid, and laggard. But John, 5 months is a long time for sulking. I know I sent a message to your “dear” uncle saying a lot of bad things and bad words. So bad that your Iranian housemate would not even translate them for you… I agree that after that incident I deactivated my Facebook account and got a simple mobile phone so that I wouldn’t hear from you. Maybe I was scared of what you would reply… Anyways, in Iran we call what I am doing now “mennat keshi” (begging for a favor or forgiveness). Tell your mom to add it to her list of expressions. :))

Last night was Yalda … Do you remember that I made you join us on Skype for last year’s Yalda? Do you remember when my grandpa read your future for you by picking a poem from Hafiz? The poem said: “it is so sad that I did not realize until now; the secret to happiness is having friends”.

John, we didn’t have a good Yalda last night… First, in reply to your question after that message of mine to your “dear” uncle, that you had said you hope I will have a good explanation for all those insults, I must reply: Dear John, sometimes even logical people act emotionally. The only convincing reason for that message was Niloo, aunt Afsaneh’s daughter, who was wearing a red dress with long braided hair that Yalda; who got cancer at the same time with Jane and we didn’t have the medication she needed and I asked you to send some to us and I don’t know why we never got them!! The strongest reason for the things I said was somebody’s life. Oh John, in my opinion, which has always made you laugh, the whole world is one country where we humans all live. That country is Earth. As Sohrab Sepehri says: No matter where I am, the sky is mine… :))

I guess now your smile is wider. This year’s Yalda, without Niloofar, was very difficult. This letter is kind of a “mennat keshi” and the only reason why I wrote it in Persian is that your housemate will translate it for you. By the way, I have activated my Viber and Skype accounts again. If you want me to join you on this year’s Christmas, I promise I will tell your dad everything about Iran. Forgive me my dearest John.

My wish for your new year is that the whole earth becomes one country :))))

Laugh loudly John…

This is Niloo’s last painting

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