2013-12-25 22:00:10

Letter 440

Dear John,
I hope all is well with you. Are you back from your trip? I must say, I am jealous! It is wonderful that you can put all your belongings in one backpack and go discover new places. I wish I could do the same…
The doors that are open to your “Blue Passport” are not open to my “Brown Passport”. This is another one of the benefits from congress which your uncle is a member of. By the way, I read in the news that he is part of the republican groups that is pursuing new sanctions against Iran. I wish you would tell him and his friends that shortage of Nexavar is still taking patient’s lives. Does he know how important is Nexavar for cancer patients? If he doesn’t know, let him know Nexavar is the same drug that saved Jean’s life. Of course, with your help Ava recovered and is well now. She is studying 24/7 for the Iranian national test required to get into a good university. She would like to become a lawyer. If you hadn’t sent us the Nexavar on time, we might have lost her like we lost Sina. You don’t know Sina. He is the son of a famous Iranian play writer. He had the same kind of liver cancer that Jean and Sina had. He died like many other patients lost due to unavailability of this drug, thanks to the sanctions! He was only 23 years old…
Let’s change the subject; it’s the holidays after all! It looks like you are visiting Tibet according to your Facebook. Finally your wish came true! Were you able to visit the Dali Lama’s Temple? I wished you could come to Iran again. We can go visit Isfahan again. Do you remember? We met for the first time there. I was on the bridge that connects the east and west side of the city, looking at the river. You were standing where my shadow spread on the ground. You asked: “Do I know you?” I looked at you and smiled. I thought I had seen you in my dreams. Do you remember? You asked: “What are you looking for on this bridge?” I smiled and said, I am trying to pull together the skirt of my shadow, but you are standing on it. We both laughed. That year I was working at a newspaper called “Bahar” and you had just been promoted from Sunday Times to New York Times. You are still at New York Times, but I have experienced the closure of 3 newspapers. Thank goodness now I am employed at a newspaper called “Shargh”. Have you heard of it? It is one of the more prominent newspapers published in Tehran.
That day, you enjoyed getting lost in an ancient city of my land so much. You only had one day to see the city. Same for me! You gave me your phone number and email address and told me you would want to return again to Iran. You said next time you would bring your mom. Does your mom still like to visit Iran or she is no longer interested? Does she still like to go to Darvand to buy Aloocheh? Just like the Aloocheh that your Iranian neighbor had brought back from Iran. Tell your mom, they sell those Aloocheh in Tajreesh now. You don’t have to go all the way to Darvand anymore. Tell your mom to see “The Past of Farhadi”. It is going to be shown as of the first of January.
By the way John, I had a question for your dad. When is the new season of Friends going to start? You know, half of my friends watch this show. They believe it helps them with their English. I am too occupied these days with the third season of Homeland. Brodry reminds me of Joe. Will he return for the New Year celebration? I bet he will not return to Iraq again! I know how much he hates wars. Just like me, like you, and like many others. Dear John, I am sending this email to wish you a happy new. I hope that next year we would be rid of wars specially the Syrian conflict. Happy New Year!

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