2013-12-20 15:32:25

Letter 2

My Dearest Jane:

I hope you are well and that life is being kind to you. I am doing very well myself, especially since I found you on Facebook. Seeing your photos and reading your posts about all the interesting work you are doing and the great places you have been made me very happy. I have been missing you a lot.

You are perhaps the one I care for the most, yet you are so far away from me.

During the time we have been out of touch I’ve thought a lot about us … about all that happened between us, all that we talked about, all that we dreamt about.

I remember telling each other about our countries, I remember the first photo we ever took together, I remember crying together when we found out both my cousin and your sister were diagnosed with cancer.

Jane, there is something I want to share with you. Something I have struggled with. In your last letter to me you wrote that you and I were born into the wrong lives and places. You said you wished there wasn’t all this distance between us. You wished we could be with each other every day. I have thought so much about these words that you wrote. Maybe you didn’t mean much by them. But Jane … please marry me.

I’m guessing you weren’t expecting this. Maybe I am wrong to ask. But I am afraid if I don’t tell you how I feel I will regret it the rest of my life. It’s like the first season of Friends we watched together.

Ross: I think I am a fool for thinking she will come.
Rachel: No. You’re not a fool. You’re in love.
Ross: Same thing.

I’m that fool Jane. I think I really love you. I love where you come from. I love the letters you send me. I love all the things you write to me about. I know it’s crazy but I sometimes think if we can overcome the barriers that keep us apart, then maybe we can be the spark that allows our countries to also bridge their differences. And I know it’s even crazier but I imagine the children we would have together. Children that will call both our countries home. Children that will love both countries the way they will love both their parents. We will have a wonderful live together. A life filled with kindness, love and adventure.

Jane, I don’t want you to feel pressured to give me an answer right away. Take your time. I will give you as much time as you need. I will wait. I just hope that even if your answer is no, you will remain in my life. I would miss reading your letters.

It is Christmas now and it will be the New Year soon. People always make wishes and resolutions for the New Year. I don’t want to wish for things that can never be. So I hope this wish is not unrealistic. But here it is … I wish that you love me. That’s all.

Merry Christmas.

The one who loves you, Ali.

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